About us


BUSHIDO Co., Ltd. has started a new business in April 2022, mainly engaged in basketball agent business.

I have officially obtained my license by passing the FIBA license exam held by FIBA (International Basketball Federation, Switzerland) in December 2021. This license allows me to represent players and coaches from all over the world in international transfers and is an essential international qualification for the conclusion of contracts between teams and players/coaches.

We feel that the Japanese basketball industry is now in a position to attract attention from around the world. More and more players and coaches from top-level foreign countries have chosen Japan as the place to play and lead their teams.

In this context, I established this company in order to contribute to the development of the Japanese basketball industry by utilizing my career as a professional player built from scratch in Japan, the U.S., and Spain, as well as my experience and knowledge from living and playing in other countries as a Japanese person.

Agent Name
Isao Kinoshita
FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Authorized Representative
Authorized number: 202200198


make it happen

"We will make it happen."

Our mission is to "Make it happen" and to support and work with everyone involved to make it happen. We support our clients and partners in their missions and projects by supporting the overseas expansion of athletes and coaches to activate the flow of travel between Japan and overseas, motivate children with future potential through the academy, improve their language skills, and adapt to an increasingly internationalized society. We will provide management and support from various perspectives in order to "realize" the missions and projects of our clients and partners. Professional "careers" must always be considered, and we also serve as consultants necessary for the next step from the time of active service, including second careers. It also creates opportunities for the younger generation to choose a path to the future that suits their own orientation by giving them many options. BUSHIDO will continue to promote the excellence of Made in Japan, which is full of potential, to the world, and will create and support opportunities for people to "realize" their dreams.


Agent Services
FIBA-certified agents provide full support from negotiation to conclusion of contracts for clients (domestic and international athletes and coaches). In charge of legal management, visas, etc. under the supervision of legal counsel Support for overseas transfers and team tryouts
Spain Basketball Study Abroad
Joined a club in Spain (2nd in world FIBA ranking), academic support (commuter or online school). Age: For elementary, junior high, high school, and university students
Programs are tailored to the needs of each athlete and are offered both domestically and internationally (English, Chinese, Spanish are available). (English, Chinese, and Spanish are available.) Short-term overseas training camps and workouts are available.
Skills training is provided in three languages (English, Chinese, and Spanish) and includes mental care. Lessons are designed to improve not only basketball skills but also language skills, with an eye toward the international community. Supporting the healthy growth of young people by providing mental care for their mental and physical health.


Company BUSHIDO Basketball Management Ltd.
Address 9-21 Koshien-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo
Barcelona, Spain
CEO Isao Kinoshita
Capital 10 million yen
Qualification FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Authorized Representative
Authorized number: 202200198
Agent name: Isao Kinoshita